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Monday, July 22, 2002

I just came across this really cute pic of Bruce as a baby

Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen.
Today was a good day. I saw a KITH epidsode that I've never seen. The one with "Stray Businessman", "How Businessmen Relax", "Running Faggot", and "Apathetic Robbery". I love all of these sketches. The "Stray Businessman" sketch was the cutest thing. I loved Kevin in it, he was just like a lost puppy.. And Bruce can play a child so well, it's so convincing. Scott did remind me of Cathy. The outfit and hair, it was the same wig. I couldn't stop laughing at the "Apathetic Robbery". "Running Faggot" is one of my favourite sketches. And "How Businessmen Relax" was just great. My mother doesn't like those kind of sketches. Examples: Eradicator, How Businessmen Relax, the sketch with Kevin in the eating in the shower, and the third Hotel La Rut. I know if she saw the "Grizzly" sketch or the "Sex Girl Patrol" sketch, she wouldn't like them. I explained the whole sketch to her and she didn't get or wasn't listening to me. She doesn't like any sketch that involves Kevin in the shower. Of course those are my favourite kind of sketches;)

My computer is acting up so I think I will go.

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