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Thursday, June 27, 2002

I can't wait till this Saturday! I'm going to see Lilo and Stitich. I think the main reason I want to see it is the fact that Kevin is in it. I've been wanting to see it ever since I heard about it. Everybody in my house knows about it. I've been watching every speical about it on the t.v. and so far the only one that actully interviews him is the one on ABC Family. I don't know what he was talking about, I was flipping the channals between that and the speical on the Disney channel. I flipped it during the commercial to ABC Family and I couldn't tell who it was and then I relized who it was. I saw part of the name, I only read McDonald. Then I'm like "it's KEVIN!" and I jumped off the couch to the front of the t.v., I have no clue to what he was saying, the only thought in my mind was it's Kevin. As I was saying, I could only tell that it was him because of his hair and his glasses. I was thinking I know that hair style and those glasses. Luckly that day I was watching my "Same Guys, New Dresses" tape(whice kind of mad me mad because Bruce is hardly in it, and when every they show him he has something witty to say. I nearly peed my pants when I heard the comment he said when Kevin asked about how do you get the lipstick off if you mess up "How do we know what's not his mouth?"back to the point.) and on the show he look the same as he did in the tour documentary. He was only on for a couple seconds when I saw him. I freaked out when I saw him on a comercial(on the Disney channel) at the premier of the movie. I've seen this commercial five times and I laugh at him every time. I know my little sister will get this movie for Christmas or her birthday. And I know I could sit through this. She watches the same movies over and over everyday. Ever since she got Shrek for Christmas, it's the only thing she wants to watch. That or Dumbo. I remember one day I had to watch her for half an hour, she carried on for me to put it on for her. I tried to convince her to let me put on A Bug's Life but she wouldn't let me. A Bug's Life(for ovbious reasons), Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, 101 Dalmations, and the Aristocats are the only Disney movies or movies like that I will watch. Today we went to McDonald's because I wanted to try to get the Pleakley toy but still no luck, my mom bought two Happy Meals to see if I could get him. She said we will tri again another day...But I can't wait! My dad's taking me, whice is unusual, he says it's Father, Daughter weekend, I think it's because my brother is going to spead the weekend with our cousins and aunt at my grandmother's house in the Thousand Islands. I'm going twice one time with my mom and the other time with my friend Emily. I have to remember that Monday is the day AandE puts News Radio back on. I'm going to flip between that and the Kids:) I love the Kids and I think everyone knows that ;) I f I hadn't said this already but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY MARK!!!!!!! Oh, and please answer the poll. Thank you!

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